Teachings for Parents of
Children & Teenagers

As parents we can face many challenges—for example, finding time for meditation practice within our stressful daily life, or trying to pass on the values of Dharma to our children while not imposing anything on them. The key point Rinpoche comes back to again and again is: taking care of our own well being will naturally affect the atmosphere of our family and bring benefit to our children. If we are well in ourselves, we can sit and talk with our children and help them to become loving and strong in whatever they do.

By integrating the teachings more deeply into our everyday lives, by sharing our love and compassion with our children, and by dedicating all our efforts to enlightenment, parenting itself can become part of our path.

Video Teachings

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For Parents of Young Children

Video 01

Practising together as a family

Amsterdam, 20 May 2006
Video 02

Parents are the most important teachers for their children

Myall Lakes, 26 January 2010
Video 03

How parents can integrate the Dharma into their daily life

Myall Lakes, 21 January 2014
Video 04

Parenting with the attitude of bodhicitta

Lerab Ling, 15 June 2014

For Parents of Teenagers

Video 05

Teenagers—let them go!

Bologna, 14 September 2003
Video 06

Tonglen softens difficult relationships

Lerab Ling, 19 August 2007