How to Make Clear and Wise Decisions

There's no easy formula for making the right decision but with the guiding principles contained in these teachings, we can learn to make clear and wise decisions and come to make choices that we won’t regret. In this advice selected from five different teachings, Sogyal Rinpoche emphasises the all-determining effect of our motivation and explains how the wisdom of discernment can manifest from a clear and settled mind. Remember also that, at anytime, you can ask all the enlightened beings for help; from the depths of your heart ask for clarity, peace and discernment.

Video Teachings

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Video 01

The outcome depends on your intention

London, 10 September 2006
Video 02

Take responsibility for your life

London, 10 September 2006
Video 03

Clarity comes once the mind has settled

Paris, 1 November 2004
Video 04

Examine thoroughly, use the wisdom of discernment

Kirchheim, 30 December 2006
Video 05

Pray and invoke the wisdom of the buddhas

Lerab Ling, 18 October 2009 & Clear Lake, 26 November 2007
Video 06

The answer lies in the teachings

Paris, 1 November 2004