How to Integrate the Teachings in Everyday Life

The essence of the teachings and practices taught by the Buddha and great masters is to recognize our true nature and to stabilize this realization through both formal practice and by integrating the teachings into our everyday life.

In this collection, Rinpoche explains how to apply the teachings to everything we encounter so we can transcend stubborn habits of misunderstanding that have imprisoned us for so long. Through bringing the teachings into everything we do, we begin to embody the wisdom, compassion and fearlessness of our true being and we discover what it means to take care of our lives in the deepest possible sense

Integration is a vast topic, so more materials and further compilations will be added here in the future.

Here is what is already available:
—Booklet: “How to Inspire Ourselves on the Path”
—Teachings on How to Be Stable and Happy
—Teachings and Advice on Work, Relationships and Integration

"How to Inspire Ourselves on the Path"

This booklet is a simple guide for how to inspire ourselves on the path each day, from the moment we wake up, so that we can overcome obstacles, become more familiar with our true nature during life, and meet death well prepared.

This is based on Rinpoche’s New Year’s Advice given in Kirchheim on the 30th December 2010, in which he shows how we can inspire ourselves, and bless our entire day, indeed our entire life, with practice.

This booklet was originally made available in 2011 on the Rigpa Sangha website to all Rigpa students.


First Compilation of Teachings:
How to Be Stably Happy

Downloadable Video

In this compilation of teachings from Amsterdam & Paris in May 2011, Rinpoche explains how we can be stable and happy in the most profound sense, even in the face of great difficulties. He presents a powerful variety of ways we can transform our minds in any situation, so that nothing can deter us.

This compilation contains 18 videos 

Second Compilation of Teachings:
Advice on Work, Relationships and Integration

Downloadable Video

How do we integrate meditation in action, so that our practice and everyday life are no longer separate? How do we find a healthy and even balance between meditation practice, relationships, family and work? These teachings on integration give us the answer, showing us how to apply meditation to everything we encounter and everything we do.

This compilation contains 8 videos