How to Deal with Anger

When we look deeply, we can see that harming others out of anger brings suffering, both to ourselves and others. Yet, so often, we don’t think of the consequences and instead find ourselves provoked and reacting impulsively, only to regret it later. On the other hand, if we just try to block or suppress anger when it arises, it is very difficult to manage... So what can we do to deal with anger when it arises, as it inevitably will?

In this collection of teachings, Rinpoche offers us a rich variety of skilful means to work with our minds in order to overcome anger.

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How to Deal with Anger

Video 01

Refraining from harm

Brussels, 26 April 2001
Video 02

Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Six: a definition of patience

Lerab Ling, 11 July 2007
Video 03

Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Six: overcoming anger

Lerab Ling, 11 July 2007
Video 04

Compassion conquers anger

Myall Lakes, 21 January 2008 & Paris, 13 January 2008
Video 05

Investigating your mind and emotions

London, 10 September 2005
Video 06

Buddha nature in action

Lerab Ling, 2 June 2008
Video 07

It's just a thought

Melbourne, 30 January 2004;
Canberra, 12 February 2004;
Rocky Mountain Dharma Center, 6 September 2004;
Adelaide, 2 February 2004
Video 08

How to remember to cherish others

Haileybury, 8 April 2013