Overcoming feelings of depression & suicidal thoughts

Rinpoche has given many, many teachings on overcoming feelings of depression and how to help either ourselves or someone else who is contemplating suicide. The teachings presented here represent the start of a much larger project that will release the complete range of Rinpoche’s advice on overcoming depression.
Rinpoche’s advice on overcoming feelings of depression is based entirely on the practical application of the wisdom found in the teachings of Buddha that focuses on training and taming our minds. Aimed at those already following a spiritual path, Rinpoche’s teachings show that by examining how and why we become depressed, and seeing clearly how misperception, delusion and misunderstanding play a large part in creating all our sufferings, including depression, we can make a slight shift in our outlook on life within a spiritual context by bringing ourselves face to face with who we really are.
Please note that these teachings are intended as a support for those working with their depression in conjunction with the advice and counselling of a qualified health-care professional, not instead of professional help.


Video Teachings

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Uplifting your Mind

Berlin, 1 June 2014

Never Give Up

Lerab Ling, 26 August 2004


The following books are available on the Zam website:

  • The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
  • Healing Emotions: Conversations with the Dalai Lama on Emotions and Health
  • How to Overcome Depression
  • The Healing Power of Meditation - Leading Experts on Buddhism, Psychology, and Medicine Explore the Health Benefits of Contemplative Practice

audio & video compilations of teachings

The following compilations are available on the Zam website:

  • Boundless Healing (Guided Practice) by Tulku Thondup
  • Boundless Healing Teaching by Tulku Thondup
  • Guru Rinpoche the Buddha for Our Time
  • Healing and Purification (3 compilations)
  • Healing and Transformation
  • How to Overcome Depression
  • Vajrasattva Practice for Healing and Long-Life
  • Guru Rinpoche: The All-Embodying Jewel
  • Preventing negativity and depression

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