Teachings for Children

Parents often ask Sogyal Rinpoche to give specific teachings for their children. Collected here are some of the teachings that Rinpoche has given all over the world for children and teenagers—often inspired by questions that came from the children themselves through their parents. It is a wonderful selection of teachings for families to watch together, or for older children to watch on their own.
These teachings show how to discover our fundamental goodness and a deep inner peace through the simple practice of meditation, using skilful means such as watching the breath, focusing on an image, or even inspiring ourselves with the beauty of nature. There is valuable advice on how to act in the world, how to deal with emotions, and how to relate more positively and with kindness towards others.

Video Teachings

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teachings For Children

Video 01

Hang loose

Lerab Ling, 26 July 2009
Video 02

Finding happiness within

Lerab Ling, 6 August 2008
Video 03

What helps us to meditate?

Haileybury, 5 April 2010
Video 04

How to clear a mind full of thoughts?

Haileybury, 5 April 2010
Video 05

Winning and losing

Lerab Ling, 4 October 2008
Video 06

How to change your mood if are jealous?

Haileybury, 5 April 2010
Video 07

What can we do when our friends are fighting?

Haileybury, 5 April 2010
Video 08

You are goodness

Lerab Ling, 27 August 2011
Video 09

How to overcome nightmares

Lerab Ling, 13 August 2015