Dharmakosha user FAQ


What is Dharmakosha?

Dharmakosha is a web platform that is used to deliver content to Rigpa centres and Rigpa students. It delivers things like course videos, course guidelines for centres, and teachings and practice materials to students.

If you want to know more about where to find the different collections and how to access them, please check out this document if you are a student here.

If you still have questions after reading this document and the FAQ list, please contact: dharmakosha@rigpa.org

Technical requirements

Computer and/or laptop: Apple, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu has been tested successfully)
Web-browsers for computers and laptop: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (the default Windows 10 browser)

The Safari browser does not work with Dharmakosha

Tablet and smartphones: Android devices only (it is NOT possible to watch Dharmakosha videos online on Iphones and Ipads but you can download the videos using an app like GoodReader).

Web-browsers for Android phones and tablets: the default Android Internet web-browser, Google Chrome or Firefox for Android.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

A medium or high speed internet connection. A low speed internet connection will result in the video stopping all the time or not starting at all.

How can I test my setup?

You can test your setup by accessing and playing this test video on Dharmakosha, this video is accessible to all mandala students and is HD quality. If you have any difficulties during the test, please contact dharmakosha@rigpa.org

I’m getting a “restricted…” message when trying to watch a video, how do I know what I can access or not?

Some videos are available for AEP students or specific Rigpa mandala students, some others for Rigpa centers only, and some pages are part of compilations that should be purchased through the Zam website.

Please visit the treasuryofwisdom.rigpa.org website, it’s explained there very clearly what materials are accessible to what group of students and how to gain access (details are given under the main title on the home page).

How to gain access to the Home Study videos?

Please contact your national Teaching Services director or an instructor from you local Rigpa centre.

I previously had access to the Home Study but can’t access it anymore, what should I do?

Did you renew your AEP subscription? if yes, please check with your TS director or with your instructor/carer. They can reset your access to the AEP Home Studies.

How do I play a video?

Click on the play button (right-facing triangle) at bottom left of the video.


How can I pause, move forward or rewind a video?

To pause, use the same button you clicked on to start the video.
It’s not possible to move forward or rewind the video with any browser on PC.

Currently the latest version of Firefox (on a mac) allows you to move forward to sections of the video once they have already buffered. See screenshot below. You can move forward by clicking on a section of the grey line extending along the video playback timeline.


The video keeps stopping and then playing for a bit and then stopping again?

You could try pressing play on the video and then pressing the pause button as soon as the video first loads and waiting for a bit. This will allow the video to download a little way ahead. A grey progress bar appears in the video timeline to indicate how much of the video has buffered or downloaded. You could then try playing the video through. See screenshot above.

How to watch the video in fullScreen mode?

There are different symbols in different browsers but they all appear on bottom right of the video (can look like corners of a square, or four arrows, … ). To exit fullScreen mode, click the same button again or hit the ESC key.


Full screen button in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

How do I download a video?

Click the arrow on the right side of the video title, not all videos are downloadable, some can only be watched online in which case this specific download arrow will not appear.


How do I get translation?

Please choose the appropriate language on top right of the Dharmakosha home page.
Please note: not all videos have been translated.

When I click to play the video, the video doesn’t start …

Check your internet connection, relaunch your browser or restart your computer. Make sure you are using the proper hardware/software suggested above.

If your internet connection is ok and your computer is running properly, please contact us at dharmakosha@rigpa.org

My internet connection is unstable, can you send me the videos via email?

No sorry … please check if you can get a better contract with your internet provider, or come together with your local sangha friends to watch the teachings together.

When I got to the collection, or section of Dharmakosha I can’t find what I’m looking for.

For each collection, there is a listing of five items in the recent submission section. Only five items appear here, so if you are looking for something uploaded before this, you need to either browse or search the collection.

At the top of each collection there are options for browsing. Please try either Browse By Title or By Issue Date to see a fuller list of what items are available in each collection. Alternatively you can try entering the title of what you are looking for in the search field and pressing enter.