Preventing burnout and exhaustion

This collection of teachings offers advice on how to wisely and skillfully take care of ourselves and deal with situations when we feel stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted and in danger of burnout.
Whether it be in our work or in other life circumstances, Sogyal Rinpoche shows us how to take care of and strengthen ourselves on a physical level and also by working with the mind, by reconnecting with our highest motivation, inspiration and joy.

Video Teachings

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Video 1

How to nourish yourself when you’re in danger of burn out

London, 19 November 1996 (7 min)

Video 2

Taking breaks

Lerab Ling, 4 August 2002 (6 min)

Video 3

The right motivation heals burnout

Dzogchen Beara, 12 October 2001 (7 min)

Video 4

Overcoming exhaustion

Clear Lake, 4 Dec 2008 (6 min)

Video 5

Advice on overcoming tiredness and exhaustion

Dzogchen Beara, 22 Nov 2014 (6 min)

Video 6

Overcome exhaustion by learning to relax

Dzogchen Beara, 24 June 2008 (5 min)

Video 7

Giving your mind space

Paris, 9 Jan 2010 (12 min)

Video 8

Awareness gives you a special edge

Garisson, 28 June 2011 (9 min)

Video 9

Resting in the nature of mind will dissolve all your stress

San Diego, 3 December 2010 (9 min)

Video 10

Take a break and have fun

Dzogchen Beara, 7 July 2010 (4 min)

Video 11

The motivation of bodhichitta will give you energy

Lerab Ling, 19 August 2003 (12 min)

Video 12

oh ah hung what the heck soha

Lerab Ling, 24 July 2009 (9 min)