Practising Tsok Meaningfully

The practice of tsok is primarily a practice of offering, but also a very powerful method for healing our spiritual connection with our master and fellow practitioners. Through the practice of tsok offering, we swiftly and effortlessly accumulate merit and wisdom, and purify our obscurations, which is the essence of the path to buddhahood.


Sogyal Rinpoche has encouraged all Rigpa students to celebrate tsok together twice a month: on the tenth day (Guru Rinpoche Day) and the twenty-fifth day (Dakini Day) of the Tibetan month.

In particular, if we have received any Vajrayana or Dzogchen empowerments and teachings, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche always said that even if you cannot do a lot of practice, at least on the 10th day and the 25th day, you should do a good practise of tsok.

Always try to attend your local Rigpa centre to practise Tendrel Nyesel tsok with the sangha on these days. If this is not possible, then make sure to do a tsok practice on your own.


Practising Tsok Meaningfully Pack

This essential pack includes a selection of six video teachings on the practice of tsok and an electronic copy of the booklet ‘The Meaning of Tsok’. Together, they explain simply what tsok is and why it is so important. They also explain how to practise tsok (including guidance on how to do a simple tsok and how to practise at home) and how to participate in tsok group practice in the most meaningful way.

This pack is available for purchase by students who are in the Ngöndro or Dzogchen Mandala.

What's in the pack?

Video Teachings

Downloadable Video
Video 01

Tsok is the greatest accumulation of merit

Sogyal Rinpoche, Haileybury, 19 April 2014
Video 02

How to practise tsok meaningfully - part 1: The purpose of tsok

Patrick Gaffney, Lerab Ling, 21 July 2014
Video 03

How to practise tsok meaningfully - part 2: The actual practice

Patrick Gaffney, Lerab Ling, 21 July 2014
Video 04

How to practise tsok meaningfully - part 3: Enjoying the tsok & the benefits of tsok practice

Patrick Gaffney, Lerab Ling, 21 July 2014
Video 05

The meaning of offering

Sogyal Rinpoche, Paris, 9 May 2004
Video 06

How to practise tsok simply

Sogyal Rinpoche, Sydney, 18 March 2007

The meaning of tsok booklet