How to deal with physical pain


How can we change our view of pain?
The nature of any perception or idea is such that it grows stronger and stronger through repetition. Therefore, try to accept your condition. Pain and suffering can also be seen as a process of purification, as a broom that sweeps away all your negative karma. This gives meaning and purpose to the pain we feel.

How can we bring pain and suffering into our practice?
Pain can be used as a support for shamatha practice and meditation. It can also inspire compassion. One method would be to remember that there are so many people who suffer just as you do, and then take and transform their pain through the practice of tonglen.

You can also invoke the buddhas, especially Vajrasattva, and bring purification and transformation through their blessings, which can ease and unblock the pain you feel. Rinpoche also teaches a special healing practice that focuses on Guru Rinpoche.

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