Riwo Sangchö

Dudjom Rinpoche used to say that Riwo Sangchö is one of the most powerful practices for benefiting both the living and the deceased because, in this practice, we make offerings to everyone with whom we have a karmic connection, alive or dead. By making offerings—both real and imagined—we satisfy the needs of all beings and thereby make good the damage caused over many lifetimes to ourselves and others, thereby removing obstacles to our health and life, healing our connections with others and setting them onto the path to enlightenment. Through this practice we also create auspicious circumstances for our spiritual progress.


Riwo Sangchö Practice Pack


With the aim to help you study Riwo Sangchö, easily evoke its meaning, and have all the resources you need to make the practice as powerful as possible, here is an essential pack of materials in digital format to download.

This is available to Ngöndro and Dzogchen Mandala students
of the Rigpa Sangha.


What's in the practice pack?


Riwo Sangchö Mikpas

Mikpa means ‘how we direct our mind’ during the practice. It refers not only to what we need to visualize but also all the mental processes that go with the practice.  When we feel the blessings of the buddhas and the practice, then we can direct its power towards all kinds of activities for the benefit of beings.

An Essential Guide to the Practices of Riwo Sangchö & Lungta


This guide to the practices of Riwo Sangchö & Lungta offers a very essential, practical step-by-step visualization guide, which explains how to direct your practice at every stage. It also contains a brief explanation of these practices as an aid for beginners and a reminder for all students.

Actualizing the Main Visualization


This brief mikpa covers the main visualization of Riwo Sangchö.


Riwo Sangchö Booklet


This Riwo Sangchö booklet (128 pages) features the practice texts of Riwo Sangchö and Lungta, along with the two main commentaries on the practice, by Dodrupchen Jigmé Tenpé Nyima and Gyalse Shenpen Tayé.

epub + pdf

Images to Support your Practice


Downloadable jpeg

Guru Rinpoche


Lung Ta Flag



Video Teachings

Downloadable Video

The Deep Significance of Riwo Sangchö Practice

A commentary on the practice of Riwo Sangchö.

Also available on 2 Audio CDs
Audio CD 1 →  &  Audio CD 2 →

Evocative Teachings

Short evocative teachings on Riwo Sangchö and Lungta to inspire our practice and make it more meaningful.

How to Practise Riwo Sangchö Meaningfully

Sogyal Rinpoche practising Riwo Sangchö with students.

Practice Materials


Riwo Sangchö updated practice text


Riwo Sangchö audio recordings of the practice in Tibetan and in English



The Pack also contains clear guidelines on how to use all of these resources to study Riwo Sangchö, evoke its meaning, and make the practice as powerful as possible.